Heartfelt Child Advocacy

The Guardian ad Litem Program is a dedicated team that advocates for Florida’s children who have been removed from a home due to abuse, neglect, and abandonment. These children are placed in the protection of the state and the child welfare system. Our skilled Guardian ad Litem team wholeheartedly pledge their efforts and hearts to represent these children so that each child’s needs are met in court.

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Change A Child’s Story

When you become a Volunteer Child Advocate, you are making a positive impact in a child’s life and helping future generations. Our work builds stronger and more resilient children, families and communities. Together, with your support, our Guardian ad Litem Family is committed to ensure children are free from harm and that they receive our advocacy to reach a caring home.

We believe in Florida’s children – We believe in heartfelt child advocacy.

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Child abuse is the main reason kids enter foster care.

Neglect is more common and is associated with 61% of removals.

It's only abuse if it's physical.

Abuse can be emotional too.

Most perpetrators are men.

Women are just as likely to cause harm.

Babies are too young to suffer long-term effects of abuse or neglect.

Abuse or neglect can change a baby's brain chemistry.